Winter School Snapshots and Summary

The Winter School in Bioinformatics has come to an end. Throughout these five days, a lot of brainstorming has taken place and the participant feedback indicate that they have been satisfied to the hilt.

The Invited Lectures delivered by some of the stalwart researchers in their respective fields of study were helpful in providing insights regarding how to follow a particular line of study for a number of years with patience and perseverance, with determination and adaptability to grasp new ideas and evolving technologies

We remain thankful to Dr. B.K. Behera, Principal Scientist CIFRI, Professor Amita Pal, Emeritus Scientist, Bose Institute, Dr. Debdutta Ganguli, Research Scientist TMRC, Kolkata and Dr. Souvik Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, BMGC – Kolkata for delivering invigorating lectures.

The technical lectures were unique in their own way as each lecture was connected to the following one. This helped the participants to understand how a Bioinformatics Analyses Pipeline is built from scratch and how to improve it using programming (R).

Finally the Young Scientist Competition saw seven young nubile minds delivering their research in commendable fashion.

The Maya (Guha) Ganguli memorial award for best ORAL Presentation went to Dipabarna Bhattacharya, University of Helsinki, Finland

The Best Workshop Performance award went to Sunipa Sen of West Bengal State University.

The Best Critical Question Award went to Soumima Chattoraj of Berhampore Girl’s College


The Best Concept Award went to Dr. Sabdar Rahman, of Bangabasi Evening College.





Winter School Snapshots and Summary

Presenter List for “Nubile Minds”

Dear All,

Here is the updated presenter list for the “Nubile Minds” Segment of the workshop.

a) Sumana Banerjee: University of Kalyani

b) Damayanti Chakraborty: University of Calcutta

c) Dipabarna Bhattacharya: University of Helsinki

d) Dr. Sabdar Rahman: University of Calcutta

More to come………..



Presenter List for “Nubile Minds”

WINTER SCHOOL IN BIOINFORMATICS (27th – 31st December 2015)

Amplicon                                       The Biome

Amplicon Biosciences and The Biome are delighted to present a one of a kind opportunity to students, researchers, scientists and teachers for enriching and enhancing their knowledge in the field of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

The Winter School in Bioinformatics aims to empower the bench biologists with Analytical Skills in Bioinformatics. The school shall also feature some unique opportunities for inculcating the young mind:

a) Bioinformatics – ONE ON ONE: A session where the participants can freely interact with one young bright research scientist involved in cutting edge Bioinformatics Research. This session aims to attract questions from the participants towards approaches and analytical platforms in an informal exchange of ideas.

b) Bioinformatics – Experience Avenue: A session where participants shall be able to interact with an Experienced Scientist to understand how cutting edge research is formulated, approached and finally delivered to the scientific community. Students and Researchers shall gain immensely from sharing the same podium.

c) Bioinformatics – Nubile Minds: A session dedicated to the young and dynamic students and researchers for presenting their analytical skills. Doctoral and project works in Bioinformatics would be presented in an open platform and this would enable the participants to take critical questions and defend their hypotheses. Three awards are to be awarded:

  1. Dr. Maya (Guha) Ganguli memorial award
  2. Director’s Choice Award
  3. Best Critical Question Award (For Audience)

d) Bioinformatics – WORKSHOP: This Segment shall enable the participants to get trained by a team of bioinformatics analyst with combined experience of more than 50 years having numerous international publications and presentations to their credit. The team shall take them on a journey starting from basic data mining – through data analyses – both standalone and program based and culminate in data representation.

VENUE: AD60 Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700064


WINTER SCHOOL IN BIOINFORMATICS (27th – 31st December 2015)